The Veluwe Rally is organized by the WaterSportVerbond, and is held traditionally on the last Sunday of September.

The Veluwe Rally, one of the biggest canoe events in the Netherlands, runs on the river IJssel in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.

The achievement tour is suited for everybody who has some experience of canoeing on rivers with commercial shipping. The age does not matter at all: our oldest participant is now 80 years old (on 50 km) and if you are under 14 years old you can paddle together in one boat with an adult.

On the IJssel one paddles downstream to one of the finishes: Wijhe (20 km), Hattem (35 km) or Kampen (100 km). For the more experienced paddlers there is a 80 KM distance, which contains of 15 km upstream to Gorssel and then downstream to Kampen.

Accept the challenge to achieve such a paddling goal, the season and the beautiful surroundings And historical cities invite you to this magnificent tour. The atmosphere is very enjoyable also because of the numbers of canoe campagnions before and during the tour and the friendly stay on the campground which is opened during the whole weekend. A TOUR YOU SHOULD NOT MISS!

Starting times at SUNDAY
7.30 hrs start for those doing 80 km (Kampen)
8.00 hrs start for those doing 50 km (Kampen)
8.15 hrs start for those doing 35 km (Hattem)
8.30 hrs start for those doing 20 km (Wijhe)
9.00 hours start is closed

until 16.00 hours 20 km to WIjhe
until 15.00 hours 35 km to Hattem
until 17.00 hours 50 km to Kampen
until 20.00 hours 80 km to Kampen

Every canoeist who completes the course he/she registered for, will receive a memento. Also there will be a special memento for the oldest participant on each distance if over 65..

This is € 11.00 per person. Entries received after September 18th will be regarded as "late enrolments" and will cost € 2.00 per person more. "Late enrolers" may have the memento posted to them. The camping fee is € 5.00 per person per night. This is payable on arrival at the campsite.

Participants who would like to park their car near the finish can make use of a bus facility. On Saturday, a bus will leave from: Kampen (at ZC'37, Gat van Severingen) at 17.00 hours. The price will be € 12.50 per person. The bus needs to be reserved when you register.

Participants under 14 years old are only allowed to paddle in a canoe under supervision of an adult. All participants should comply with the local regulations for watersports. It is strongly advisable to wear buoyancy aids or lifejackets. Everybody who participates, does so at his/her own risk and is held personally responsible for complying with the sailing regulations. The organisation is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, personal belongings.


Fee: € 11.00 per person
Late enrollment € 2.00 extra
Busfee: € 12.50
Camping fee € 5.00 p.p.p.n

If you want to register for the Veluwerally please send an e-mail to
including your name, distance, date of birth and if you want to use the bus facility.

The enrolment fee together with the camping fee can be paid on arrival at the campground.